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"... In short, if Steely Dan and Steve Vai had been born Egyptian and raised on oriental folk
music, this is the sound they might make.
"Daily news Egypt”

Like true craftsmen, loyal to the music traditions they inherited, and overwhelmed by the paths they have crossed with other fellow craftsmen, who represent their own inheritance of musical philosophies, Eftekasat reaches out, as far as its sound could reach, with music lines that cherish the themes and rhythms legacy of the Arabs, and the Orient at large, bow to a prevailing faith in Jazz, and are willing to stroll side by side, intertwine in a dance, or fuse, with the Other’s culture, and above all, to the Other’s music.


Eftekasat’s story stretches back to 1992. An idea, a dream that took a long 10-years labor to be realized in their debut concert, Cairo Jazz Club festival, 2002. Since then, it became a matter of refining the tapestry of their tunes, call it jazz, call it oriental jazz, or modern Arabic music, they are all valid tags for what the seven members of this band bring to the party, alongside the unique character of each of them.

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