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In classical Arabic the word eftekasat does not mean much; in music, however, it stands for one of Egypt's top independent Worldmusic/fusion bands. In slang Arabic, eftekasat means innovative ideas or innovations, and if you could describe the music of the band Eftekasat in one word it would certainly be innovate. "A bit of jazz, a bit of rock along with some other elements, blended together in a mix.


Eftekasat was established in 2002 and gave its debut performance at Cairo Jazz Club. The show was acclaimed as unique and original.  Known to be one of the leading Egyptian bands that managed to be recognized at the international scene.

Eftekasat’s made its debut performance at Bansko Jazz Festival in Bulgaria in 2004 and since then later the band is appearing on major festivals and world cultural happenings around the world in USA, Europe, Japan, The Middle East & India.
Their unique style can be categorized as World Jazz Fusion, as they attempt to find a new unorthodox dimension for oriental musical themes through a fusion with other musical styles ranging among Balkan, North African, Latin and Jazz.


The music of Eftekasat takes you on a ride so you can see the different colours of the world within a single tune.

It's earthy, it's organic, it's modern and classical.

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Samer George - Bass
Hany Bedair - Percussion
Amro Salah - Keys
Ahmed Hesham - drums
Sherif Alaa - Guitar
Mohamed Aly - Violin/vocal
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